Birmingham St. George’s Day Celebrations – 21st April.

Dragons were vanquished, valiant knights and pious saints prevailed, while the dangers of boggarts, bogles, hobbedy-lanterns, hobthrusts,                                                                         and other strange creatures of English folk lore, were impressed upon children’s imaginations at the ‘Centre for the Child’ in Birmingham City Centre.   The Vagabond was most impressed by the attentive audience… but, more especially, surprised that his tender Scottish flesh did not burst into flames at the sight of so many St. George’s Cross’ on this, the most English of days!            -W.V.

“We all thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling and were most impressed with the authenticity of his costumes and props.  He made it all look effortless, although I would never dream of underestimating the enormous amount of preparation he had done to reach this standard in both presentation and content.  His enthusiasm for storytelling is obvious, and he can really engage with an audience; I know those who were here certainly enjoyed the experience, as the verbal feedback I had from parents testifies.”                                                      – Jacqui Adams, Birmingham Library’s ‘Centre for the Child.’

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