Doune the Rabbit Hole – 25th/26th August 2012


The Wandering Vagabond, in association with Tall Tales & Short Stories,  presented an excellent performance of Beowulf, despite a few disasters on the way!  Firstly, the DTRHwonderful, early-medieval long-house at Duncarron Fort, in which we were meant to be performing, was not yet ready, however we managed to fill the spoken word tent fuller than it had been all weekend.  Unfortunately, five minutes in, the entire site was shut down due to a man hunt for a confused, elderly gentleman!  Luckily, despite a continual, soaking rain, we managed to salvage about half of our audience and, with the aid of a large tree and some donated head-torches, we continued our adventure in an even more atmospheric (read – miserable) setting.  The rapturous applause we received was more than adequate thanks for our efforts and might I be the first to thank, in turn, all those who stood, sat or squatted in the dank woods to hear the tale of the Bear, the Beast and the Dragon!

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