Mike Innes is ‘The Wandering Vagabond,’  A professional storyteller working mainly in and around Glasgow, Edinburgh, Central and Southern Scotland.

Since 2009, The Wandering Vagabond, has been bringing his own unusual brand of quality entertainment to theatres, schools, libraries, community centres, festivals, parks, taverns, caverns, rookeries and houses of ill repute within Scotland and around the UK.

With his extensive knowledge of the natural world, literature, history and folk-lore, The Wandering Vagabond brings stories to life with a sense of humour and a flair for the bizarre and dramatic, while both informing and entertaining his audience in equal measure.

He is capable of bringing a fresh breath of air to any social event, from ceilidh’s & cabaret, to historical tours, school classes, weddings and more!

The Wandering Vagabond is PVG (England – CRB) certified and is a registered teller with the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

For more information and to enquire about securing the multifarious services of the Wandering Vagabond, contact me via ye olde wishing tree.

Whats that?

Whatdya mean you’ve never heard of the old-ee wishing tree?!

Honestly! Well, I suppose, in a pinch, you can contact me by e-mail at:-


or, on the ol’ telling-bone.  Magic number:-



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