26th May – Southside Festival with Urban Roots


As part of the Southside Festival, local community organisation ‘Urban Roots’ set up their Environmental awareness and activities ‘Earth Zone’ in Queens Park.  It was one of those rare and glorious hot days in Glasgow and the Vagabond sat, sweltering outside the provided yurt, (which was hotter than Da Derga’s hostel within!) telling tales of ecological responsibility, environmental disaster and man’s greed (plus a few pirate tales thrown in for an enthusiastic young buccaneer in suitable attirrrrre!)  Links to both Urban Roots and the Southside Festival through their logos, above and below!

172579_16pp yurturbanrootsSouthside Festival 26th Mayvagawithbanner2

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May 5th – Streetland


The Vagabond wandered the streets of Govanhill , with reference to its Gaelic namesake (‘Gobhann’ – ‘Smith’) telling tales of Smiths, Smithys and Smithying.  Streetland is an excellent community-run festival focussed on strengthening community and community facilities in Govanhill, a poor area with a large immigrant population.  I was pleased to befriend a group of Roma kids, though I promise I’m not an aspiring Fagin!   Click on their logo (right) to visit the site!



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Birmingham St. George’s Day Celebrations – 21st April.

Dragons were vanquished, valiant knights and pious saints prevailed, while the dangers of boggarts, bogles, hobbedy-lanterns, hobthrusts,                                                                         and other strange creatures of English folk lore, were impressed upon children’s imaginations at the ‘Centre for the Child’ in Birmingham City Centre.   The Vagabond was most impressed by the attentive audience… but, more especially, surprised that his tender Scottish flesh did not burst into flames at the sight of so many St. George’s Cross’ on this, the most English of days!            -W.V.

“We all thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling and were most impressed with the authenticity of his costumes and props.  He made it all look effortless, although I would never dream of underestimating the enormous amount of preparation he had done to reach this standard in both presentation and content.  His enthusiasm for storytelling is obvious, and he can really engage with an audience; I know those who were here certainly enjoyed the experience, as the verbal feedback I had from parents testifies.”                                                      – Jacqui Adams, Birmingham Library’s ‘Centre for the Child.’

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Upcoming Gigs!

The Wandering Vagabond will be making the following appearances in the coming weeks:

St George slays the Dragon – 13th Century woodcut

Birmingham St. Georges Celebrations @ the Children’s Library – Sat. 21st April, 12-4pm

                  Streetland – Celebration of Urban Culture in Govanhill                                                at the alley leading to ‘The Chalet,’ 16 Dixon Street, Glasgow.                                        Saturday 5th of May, 1pm – 5pm.

                          Three Harbours Arts Festival – Stories from the Sea,                                                                Cockenzie House, Cockenzie & Port Seaton,                                    Saturday 2nd June, 4-5pm, (£4.00)

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Scottish Storytelling Centre – Wandering Vagabond’ s entry is now online!


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Tales from the Fireside…

Thirlings Hall and other Farm buildings

Once again in conjunction with                                                                                                       ‘Tall Tales & Short Stories‘, the              Vagabond told tales of our ancient                 past in the wonderful Thirling’s                      Hall at Bede’s World Anglo-Saxon                  farm! Along with many early and                 pre-Medieval stories, all three                         tellers embarked upon a very                         well-received retelling of  the                         oldest English epic – ‘Beowulf.’


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On the Fringe!

If you looked very carefully at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, you may have seen the Vagabond plying his trade on the streets of Edinburgh!  Sadly the foul weather for much of the Fringe drove me indoors, bigger and better plans are emerging for next year, however 😉

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