The Vagabond as guest teller with 'Tall Tales & Short Stories,' Morden Tower, Newcastle, March 2009

The Wandering Vagabond has been spotted plying his trade on a variety of occasions. Note the numerous clever disguises that have, so far, helped him to evade the authorities and the men in white coats…



Sir Hector tells the tale of how the Elephant got its trunk.

The Vagabond, disguised as Sir Hector Wilberforce Kelvindale, at Green Gorillaz Jungle Fundraiser, Wyndford Community Centre, Maryhill, Glasgow.

ARRRRR!!! The Vagabond shows his true, piratical colours at Paisley's Real Ale Festival, 2009.

If wishes were stories, this Djinn grants them in abundance…

The Vagabond at Glasgow's West End Carnival, June 2010.

The Vagabond at the Glasgow Mela, June 2010

The Vagabond at Enable's 'Bearded Lady' charity evening, Mono, Glasgow, November 2010.

Tudor Tales at 'Blut & Geld,' Colzium Estate, North Lanarkshire, October 2009


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