Pricing Guide

The Teller’s Due – General Pricing Guide

The dangers of wandering between worlds are vast and beyond counting, thus the price you pay for my services reflects that danger, as well as the great wealth of knowledge you receive in return.  (Really, I’m practically hacking out my own tongue with these prices, I really am…)

A half-day will be in the region of £120 + travel expenses (gold, gems or your first-born child, alternatively taken as surety…)                                                                                        This is either a Morning or Afternoon session consisting of around two hours of telling, with a short break in between.

A Full day of telling is around £200 + expenses and consists of four hours of telling with breaks by arrangement, at least one half way through the session.

I can also do short, hour-long sessions for £60, again with additional expenses for travel.

Specific themes, props and costumes can be arranged but the cost of these depends on the extra time invested in research and creation.  This is open for discussion, so don’t hesitate to make requests!

I also offer my services as a Compère.  Obviously there is usually more down-time and less preparation involved so I am open to discussion about rates,  depending on the event and precise requirements.

Charity discounts are also available on proof of charitable or non-profit status of your group or organisation.


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